Broadcast Television costs are going up AGAIN

Once again we are renewing contracts with multiple content providers. As a small provider and a member of a larger coop we are rarely able to fight back as broadcasters continue to increase rates obscenely. The local broadcast stations are raising rates 300% which directly impacts your costs for cable TV. The broadcasters need to know how you feel, previously off air stations were free to retransmit, and their revenue was based on advertising. In the last 5 years the FCC changed the ruling allowing them to charge for “retrans” and the rates have gone from $0 to in excess of $3 per subscriber per station. This trend isn’t going to end any time soon. Our opinion is all TV will go to the internet on demand, and there will be a shake out in content providers but on our side we are held hostage while rates increase, and requirements to “carry” other channels escalate. Bottom line, you the consumer take the hit whether it’s on San Juan, Dish, or Direct TV. Even ESPN is taking a major hit in content costs rising over 300%. Blame it on players salaries and team owners profits. Here is an excellent article on ESPN’s issues


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