About Us

San Juan Cable, Inc. is a small, Whatcom County owned family business providing cable television and internet services to Guemes Island in Skagit County and to Gooseberry / Lummi Nation in Whatcom County. Management of the system changed in 2011, with the addition of internet services to both systems being provided by Bellingham owned and operated CSS Integration, Inc.

We pride ourselves on being different from the big cable companies. Our channel line-ups are second to none when it comes to value. We think if you compare what you get with any big company, you’ll find that our basic service includes more of the channels you want. We also don’t have any hidden fees, contracts, or upsells that force you to get channels you don’t want to get the one channel you do want.

In 2013, we upgraded the local channels (KOMO, KING, KIRO, KCPQ) with HD.

We are the only provider of Guemes Cable, Guemes Island Cable, Guemes Internet (broadband), and Guemes Island Internet (broadband). This is here because there are several scam sites that utilize the location and put up a site that looks like the guemes island cable company. They do this all over and they are actually a dish reseller, thereby confusing customers. So we have to put this disclosure…