D.I.Y. Troubleshooting

Most of the issues seen by our customers can be fixed very quickly with minimal effort. If you glance at this list of symptoms and corresponding fixes, you might find you can solve the problem yourself and have your issue fixed immediately.

95% of problems are related to loose cables or poor wifi connectivity.

#1 Problem resolution!  Verify the coax connection to the modem is tight at the modem, and the wall, and at any splice points.  The connection should be slightly more than finger tight, a 1/4 turn with a 7/16″ wrench will do it.  Follow the coax and make sure it does not wrap around any power strips or run alongside ac power cables.


Problem – When trying to connect a device to the wireless network you receive the message “authentication problem”. (Sometimes your device will try to connect and then stop trying and will display that the network is saved but not connected).

Solution – Most often this means that the password has been entered incorrectly. Either enter the password correctly when prompted or “forget” the network and enter the password again when prompted.  Lately some companies have updated the security settings on their devices and have a different error message that may require a change or upgrade to your wireless device.


Problem – All four lights on the modem are green you are still not able to connect to the network.

Solution – This is most commonly fixed by unplugging the modem, router (if present), and computer (if present) in the following order.

Step 1. Start by unplugging the modem and/or router, and powering down your computer (if present).

Step 2. Plug in the modem, and wait for all 4 green lights to stay solid. (The orange PC activity light on the bottom does not have to be lit).

(If you have an all in one unit with modem and wireless router together this should be enough to fix it, if are using a computer power it back on and you should be good to go and you can skip the next steps.)

Step 3. Plug in your router and wait about 3 – 5 minutes. Routers can take a few minutes to boot up so be patient.

Step 4. Turn on you computer/phone/tablet and connect to network.


 Problem – Wireless Network is no longer showing up. This is caused by the modem being “factory reset”. Often you will see the network name has changed to “Motorola” and there will be no password. Having an unsecured router will allow neighbors and anyone else to use your wifi, slowing down your internet, causing problems while watching movies and make you responsible for any illegal downloads which might interfere with your service.

Solution – The only way to fix this if you have a one of our Modem/Router combos is to bring it in to our office where one of our techs can re-configure it. If you have your own wireless router you will be responsible for re-configuring the device yourself.


Problem – This is the most common problem seen by our customers. Only the power light stays lit and the receive and send lights keep blinking. This is caused by lack of signal to the attached modem. Loose cables are the most common reason for this problem. Most customers think that because they have not touched the wires since the installation that they should be tight. The wire become loose over time due to them being under tension and trying to “unscrew”. Small vibrations from walking or anything else will cause the wires to loosen. PLEASE TIGHTEN THE CABLES.

Solution – First check to make sure the coaxial cable (the cable that is “screwed” on) is on tight. Follow the cable to the splitter (if present) and make sure all connections are tight there also. Keep following the cable to the wall and confirm the connection is tight there.


Problem – You are being kicked off the internet repeatedly in the span of a few minutes and devices have problems using internet even when connection appears to be established. (You will also be a customer of a satellite TV service.)

Solution – Call your Satellite provider and inform them that your wireless satellite receivers are interfering your home wireless network. Feel free to call us to confirm these symptoms.


Some things to consider also concerning this problem – Have you moved your modem to a different room other than the one it was installed in? Try moving it back and if this fixes the problem call San Juan Cable and we can increase the signal to the new room.

Have you added any more TVs yourself without assistance from one of our techs? Adding a splitter anywhere in the home can affect all the devices on that line be sure to let the techs know of any alterations to the original installation.

Have you added any other wireless devices to your house? A roku? A wireless extender? Satellite TV with wireless set top boxes? All of these devices have the potential to wreak havoc on your wireless internet. San Juan Cable can help with all of those problems aside from the satellite TV receivers, in that case you will have to call your satellite provider. If you need help assessing or addressing any of these problems feel free to call and talk to one of our knowledgeable techs.