How to Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and Record on San Juan Cable

Remember when we had VCR’s and could play our favorite videos, set recordings and watch it later. Tivo is the answer. A Tivo is a digital video recorder that works with San Juan Cable’s analog and clear qam signals. The Tivo also has enhanced features that improve your cable TV experience, including a live program guide, channel listing, and the ability to access online services like Netflix and Hulu.

This article will tell you which Tivo units work with our system, what to purchase, and what costs you will incur with a Tivo.

The Tivo units that work with our system (analog and Clear QAM) are the Premier, and Premier XL, there is a third model the Premier Series 4. The latest Tivo Roamio receivers are not compatible and require digital cable. The Model Numbers that Tivo verified will work with our system are TCD74800, TCD746500, and TCD746320 you can search directly on ebay with those codes.

There are two costs involved in purchasing a Tivo. The cost for the Tivo hardware, and a separate monthly Tivo service plan (lifetime can be purchased). The service plan provides a software license to use the record, FF, Rew, and Pause functions and access their program guide. Without the service plan a Tivo is useless.

The Tivo hardware that works with our service can only be purchased used as Tivo has stopped producing the analog capable units. All Tivo service plans are set up through Tivo’s online systems. The cost for the Tivo service is $19.95/mo which can be reduced to $14.95/mo if you sign up for a year. The final option for Tivo service is the lifetime plan for a one time payment of $499 (over 3 years at subscription price). The best deals can be found on Ebay as long as you are careful when purchasing the unit, find a good seller, and pick up a unit with lifetime service. Used Premiere Series 4 units with lifetime service can be found for $300-$400 on ebay.

Thanks to one of our subscribers they found a deal on Premier XL for analog with a subscription for only $299 go here

Newegg has Premiere refurbished units for $199 without a subscription.


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